31 December 2023

Entrepreneurship in the Mountains: Coliving Semkovo's Vision for Coworking and Coliving

Welcome to a world where natural tranquility meets business innovation, a unique environment, specifically crafted for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads. Burgeoning in the heart of Bulgaria, I invite you to explore Coliving Semkovo - a pioneer of rural co-living experiences.

As a member of the management board, I am part of an eclectic cooperative, bringing together 60 members from over 24 countries. Each individual contributes to a melting pot of ideas, each perspective refining our shared vision for Coliving Semkovo. Together, we transform a massive communist-era hotel into a future-forward co-living space nestled in the serene Rila Mountains.



The Visionaries Behind the Project

Our collective journey at Coliving Semkovo is driven by a shared vision, passionately held by 60 cooperative members spanning across 24 countries. Each individual, regardless of their role, is a vital piece of the puzzle, bringing unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Guided by this diverse team, we are transforming a mammoth communist-era hotel into an innovative, future-proof co-living space.

While our backgrounds and cultures differ, we are all united by a shared vision conceived by our chairman, Matthias Zeitler. This vision laid the foundation of an idyllic setting where startups, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs foster community, collaboration, and growth. Matthias's vision resonated profoundly with each of us; it inspired us to pool our resources, talents, and enthusiasm to create a transformative remote work environment.

As a member of this vibrant collective, I am proud of our shared commitment to make this vision a reality. Our collective efforts have transformed Coliving Semkovo from an ambitious idea into a tangible monument to co-living. This journey has transcended geographical boundaries and cultures, turning us into a connected community passionate about facilitating professional growth and personal connections in the stunning expanses of the Rila Mountains.

Bulgaria: An Emerging Hub for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

As we redefine the contours of co-living and remote work, Bulgaria is emerging as a significant player on the global stage. Home to nearly seven million people, this EU member state is one of the most affordable destinations for digital nomads. In Bulgaria's bustling capital, Sofia, or any of its vibrant cities, you can live comfortably for around $1000 a month.

Adding to the allure, Bulgaria offers attractive tax benefits for expats and digital nomads. A flat 10% tax rate applies to all individuals, marking one of the lowest rates in the EU. While setting up a business necessitates guidance from an accountant due to the language barriers in public administration, the benefits outweigh the initial hurdles.

Four Bulgarian cities, in particular, are gaining popularity among digital nomads: Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, and Bansko.

  1. Sofia: the country's largest city and capital, is a cultural hub enriched with over 20 museums and notable monuments, offering a culturally vibrant lifestyle.
  2. Varna: the seaside capital, thrives on tourism and captivates with its delightful parks, theaters, and cultural offerings.
  3. Plovdiv: propels itself as Bulgaria's tech hub. Boasting high-speed internet, a low cost of living, and plenty of cafes and co-working spaces, the city has a lot to offer. You can rent a desk in a coworking space for as little as seven euros a day!
  4. Bansko: a small town with just over 12,000 inhabitants. Despite its size, it's been dubbed the "Chiang Mai" of Europe due to a robust array of coworking spaces, and it magnetically attracts digital nomads worldwide.


A New Emerging Player in the Coliving Scene

Against this backdrop, Coliving Semkovo is paving the way for a new chapter in Bulgaria's burgeoning co-living and remote work scene. Nestled amidst the tranquil Rila Mountains, our project is more than just a workspace—it's a testament to our vision of an innovative, vibrant, and sustainable co-living community in this emerging hub.

As we shape the future, we are at the forefront of cultivating a co-living experience that caters to the burgeoning needs of digital nomads and remote workers. In forging Coliving Semkovo, we're not just envisioning a place to live and work, we are creating a thriving global community where individuals can grow both professionally and personally within the stunning expanses of Bulgaria.

Every experience, every encounter, every step in our journey enriches our project with deeper insights and valuable lessons. We've grown to appreciate the small victories, and we've learned to tackle challenges with resilience, creativity, and a shared sense of purpose. Each day takes us a step closer to realizing our shared vision for Coliving Semkovo - a testament to professional growth, personal connection, and the transformative power of communal living.

As our journey continues, we invite you to join us. Become a part of this dynamic, global community that is shaping the future of co-living. Whether you are a potential resident, a collaborator, or simply a well-wisher, your perspectives and insights are invaluable to our shared mission. Stay updated on our progress, share your thoughts, or explore ways to contribute to our vision. Engage with us on the X platform about this project, and together, let's create a truly unique co-living experience in Bulgaria. Here's to a vibrant future with Coliving Semkovo - pioneering a novel chapter in Bulgaria's co-living and remote work scene.


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